Tokyo, Ueno, National Museum, night.
The feast of dinosaurs begins.

World's First! A Night Parade with 20 Realistic Dinosaurs* from DINO-A-LIVE!?

Designed under the concept of
“How would we feel if dinosaurs appeared right in front of us?,”
DINO-A-LIVE's dinosaurs aim to deliver realism and a unique experience.
Even encountering one dinosaur is quite astonishing experience,but this event gathers an unprecedented 20 giant dinosaurs (Note 1).
This outdoor event of such scale is a first in history!
*Note 1: Depending on circumstances, the types and number of dinosaurs appearing may be subject to change.

DINO-A-LIVE dinosaurs certified as the candidate of “Our National Treasues : 150 Years in the Future”!

At the “Our National Treasues : 150 Years in the Future” held at the Tokyo National Museum in January 2023, dinosaurs from DINO-A-LIVE were recognized as candidates for future national treasures. Our representatives Kanemaru and Kozuka were appointed as official ambassadors of the Tokyo National Museum. This connection made this miraculous collaboration “Tokyo National Museum x DINO-A-LIVE” possible!

Do you know “The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Hyakki Yakou)”?

“Hyakki Yakou” has been a popular theme depicted in picture scrolls and paintings in various forms since ancient times in Japan.It portrays a grand procession of yokai (strange apparitions) and demons unfolding in the dead of night.
This event, “Grand Dinosaur Night Parade,” is a new night parade of dinosaurs inspired by this “Hyakki Yakou”

What is
Dinosaur Grand Night Parade?

A miraculous collaboration between
Tokyo National Museum and DINO-A-LIVE?!

At “Tokyo National Museum, World Edition” showcasing the essence of Japanese craftsmanship culture, realistic dinosaurs created with cutting-edge technology acknowledged worldwide will appear.
Instead of “The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Hyakki Yakou)”, an unprecedented Dinosaur Grand Night parade will emerge.

What is “DINO-A-LIVE”?

An experiential dinosaur live show project featuring ultra-realistic dinosaur-shaped mechanical suits-which is not an animatronic! “DINO-TECHINE”, developed by Japan's ON-ART.Having achieved success on numerous stages including a domestic arena tour in five major cities, Stage Around Tokyo, and long-term performances at Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (FPDM), it aims to challenge the world with the power of Japanese craftsmanship.

Dinosaurs from DINO-A-LIVE have been selected as candidates for the “National Treasures of Our Time to be passed down for 150 years” exhibition!

Candidate dinosaurs
for the performance











Dinosaur Grand Night Parade Commemoration!!

DINO-A-LIVE The first #推し恐竜Favorite dinosaur
2024 Survey in progress!

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Which dinosaur would you like to see at Dinosaur Grand Night Parade?

Official website, please access
For more details@dinoalive_official
*The dinosaurs that appear may change depending on the condition of the dinosaurs on the day and other conditions.

Appearance Position

*The photo is an image.



2024.9.27(fri) ─ 9.28(sat) 2days


Tokyo National Museum Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8712, Japan

Performance / Starting time
Performance time Approximately 1 hour 
curtain time Night

*The time will be announced as they become available.

In Case of Rain or Strong Wind

In the event of rain or strong winds, the event may be held as a "Grand Dinosaur Night Parade: Rainy Weather, Strong Wind Version" with modified content.
The parade originally planned in the courtyard during fair weather will not be held, and instead, the dinosaurs will be "actively exhibited" under the eaves of the Asian Gallery (Toyokan).
Experience dinosaurs moving as if alive in a walkthrough format.

In Case of Cancellation of the Event

Due to their structural nature, dinosaurs find it difficult to walk in rain or wind. Therefore, in the event of inclement weather such as strong winds or rain, there is a possibility that the operation of the dinosaurs may be affected, and the event may unavoidably be canceled.
Additionally, the event may be held with limitations on the number and types of dinosaurs.
Please kindly understand this in advance and we appreciate your purchase of tickets and participation.
Announcements regarding arrangements will be made on the dedicated website and Instagram.

Instagram @dinoalive_official

For inquiries

DINO-A-LIVE Dinosaur Grand Parade Executive Committee Secretariat
Contact us


DINO-A-LIVE Dinosaur Grand Parade Executive Committee

Special collaboration

Tokyo National Museum


Scheduled for online reservation sales
starting August 8, 2024.



Tokyo National Museum

Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8712, Japan


By Public Transport

【JR Line】
10 minutes' walk from Ueno or Uguisudani Station
【Ginza or Hibiya Tokyo Metro Line】
15 minutes' walk from Ueno Station
【Chiyoda Tokyo Metro Line】
15 minutes' walk from Nezu Station
【Keisei Line】
15 minutes' walk from Keisei Ueno Station
*Visitor entrance is via the Main gate.

By Car

5 mins from Ueno Exit, off the Shuto Expressway Ueno Route.

*For visitors with wheelchairs, please consult our General Affairs section.
*Parking facilities are available near Ueno station, as listed below.
*There is no parking at the museum.